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Kim Deck ESQ.
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What To Expect

To bring people together first figure out what is keeping them apart. 


The purpose of mediation...

is to help counsel and the parties achieve a fair and final settlement. By guided discussion about the interests and concerns of the parties, and by negotiation with the assistance of a skilled mediator, impediments to success are minimized and settlement is achieved.

The parties are not likely to get a true sense of their settlement opportunity until several rounds into the mediation. Early proposals may seem unrealistic, and later negotiation may move in very small increments. Be patient while doing “the dance.” Mediation presents your best opportunity for a good settlement.

Kim Deck’s mediation settlement rate is well over 95%. Her goal is to resolve your case on the day of your mediation and she will do everything possible to make that happen. Ms. Deck will help parties view the dispute from all perspectives. She will assist you in assessing risk and making an educated decision. If an agreement is not reached at the mediation, Ms. Deck will remain committed to the case and follow-up extensively with all parties until the matter is resolved.


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We at On Deck Mediation we know that finding the right mediator not to be taken lightly.