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Neutral Fact Finding

Neutral Fact-Finding

OnDeck Mediation offers a variety of neutral fact-finding services through an innovative and effective team-based model. Our two experienced, dynamic,and legally-trained investigators are available for cases across the United States and internationally.

Ms. Deck has vast experience and is a leading expert in conducting impartial workplace investigations as a Neutral Fact-Finder. She has investigated countless claims of every type of discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, bullying and favoritism.  She has testified in court and in depositions in connection with those investigations. Please contact Ms. Deck directly to discuss your potential matter.


Ms. Justine Plaut, J.D. is a workplace investigator whose experience includes discrimination, harassment, retaliation, sexual misconduct, and various other allegations. She has worked with clients ranging from small nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies, and has a wealth of experience drafting neutral fact-finding reports, assessing witness credibility, and employing various interview techniques.  She earned her J.D. and certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) from the University of Southern California, Gould School of Law after graduating with an A.B. in Social Anthropology from Harvard College. Available to investigate cases involving Title IX issues, Justine is certified by the Association for Title IX Administrators (ATIXA) as a Level One and Two Civil Rights Investigator. Based in Boston,  Justine is bilingual in English/French, has limited working proficiency in Spanish, and volunteers in cross-cultural initiatives.




RepresentAtive Cases

Complaint of Pregnancy Discrimination & Workplace Bullying

Ms. Deck was retained to investigate a claim of pregnancy discrimination made by an attorney in a Los Angeles law firm. During this investigation, two other attorneys interviewed as witnesses also raised concerns. These concerns built on the original complaint. These new issues required Ms. Deck to conduct three investigations to come to a conclusion. To do so, she interviewed the managing partners, associate attorneys, and support staff, and reviewed hundreds of pages of documents.

Complaint of Sexual Harassment & Favoritism

Ms. Deck investigated allegations of sexual harassment that occurred between radiologists attending a conference in Las Vegas. Most of the interviewees were medical doctors or senior management officials. The investigation uncovered inappropriate behavior among some individuals in the practice. Ms. Deck’s ability to navigate the sensitive topic allowed the interviewees to speak freely and find a resolution.

Allegations of Gender Bias, Race & Religious Discrimination

Allegations of Sexual Assault

Ms. Deck interviewed dozens of warehouse workers and their supervisors in connection with allegations of discrimination based on sex and religion occurring at a warehouse in Southern California. Ms. Deck had to glean the culture nuances that were present in the allegations, as she learned that several of the warehouse employees were of one culture, but a few were of another. Understanding this unspoken element allowed Ms. Deck to form her interview questions in a manner that was respectful to the complainant, respondent, and witnesses. Ms. Deck then provided her report to upper management and explained the role culture played in the investigation to aid upper management in determining a course forward.

Ms. Deck was asked to investigate a claim of rape made against a backup dancer for a popular band while on a global tour. The alleged act occurred in another country, so Ms. Deck conducted interviews with the lead singer, band members, back-up dancers, and crew while they were in the midst of their global tour. Her professionalism allowed her to discuss sensitive details with the interviewees in a manner that protected them from the press.

Allegations of Misconduct at a City--involving Mayor, and City officials

Ms. Deck's reputation of neutrality, efficiency, confidentiality, and professionalism resulted in her being invited to investigate allegations of a city employee destroying evidence and improper political appointments for a city government. Ms. Deck was hired after another investigation occurred finding misconduct on behalf of a city clerk. Ms. Deck interviewed city leaders and support staff to ascertain what other misconduct occurred by others working with the clerk. Ms. Deck's ability to obtain facts and analyze evidence to provide a neutral and independent conclusion allowed the city officials to take necessary steps to correct any missteps made by officials and provide transparency to the community.